Fine Artist

Visual exploration, and the intellectualization birthed from the process of my own identity development, and research.


Mosheh E. Tucker was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, attended Lesley University to receive his Bachelors of Fine Arts, and currently pursues his Masters of Fine Arts at Boston University. A consistent presence in Mosheh’s body of work is the Black body, whether rendered through his signature expressionistic style, or abstracted completely, Mosheh Seeks to open dialogue between history, and visual representation. His work is often defined as a portrayal of “Cultural, and identity development and representation.” He engages in scholarly discourse regarding the current state of the African-Atlantic, and the various communities there-in. His research exists as an inhale, and through various media, primarily oil paint, he exhales, rendering new found ideas and concepts that create more clarity within specific moments in Black existence in the Atlantic. Common topics within this spectrum of experience include Black Existentialism, the African-American Identity, and West African cultures still present in the African-Atlantic. Alongside various Oil Portraits are digital media expanding this exploration to a new format.


©2020 by Mosheh Tucker